Done some reading

Over a hectic bank holiday weekend juggling DIY, childminding and my wife’s business duties (that’s another story) I managed to finish reading both ends of the spectrum: Virtualisation for Dummies and the 2003 Cambridge paper on Xen. Both are quite dated now, the academic paper much more so.

I was hoping to find some useful material in the Dummies guide for potential talks but no such luck.  The Xen paper is interesting, kinda, but is very out of date to the point of historical interest only. In those early days they were following a paravirtualised route and modifying Linux (Xenolinux) and Windows as guests. However they backed the wrong horse really as so much progress was made in hypervisor technology that Vmware became the market leader. Modifying all those guest O/S’s each time there was an update? It was never going to fly.

While I mull over my lab, I will continue to read some academic papers. More up-to-date ones! Based on that I hope to write a summary of the state of the art. Now I know myself that I don’t have a good record of finishing these things (family/work excuses etc. etc.) so I’ll see how I get on.