Good Tech/Bad Tech

Following up on my interest in “zero client” devices, I found Panologic referred to in Brian Madden’s blog. They look like great devices!

Following on from a presentation from Leostream today, I’m beginning to realise just how many Vitualisation companies there are out there: hundreds if not thousands. One slide showed a whole swathe of companies I’d never heard of. Much to learn!

On a non-virtual note, let me relate my experience with a couple of pieces of home tech. First of all a new RangeMax Netgear Wireless N router (model WNR834Bv2). I have been using for a year a Wireless G router which came “free” from Virgin when I subscribed to their cable service. Unfortunately, that device hasĀ  customised “virgin” firmware and despite following instructions I found on the internet to allow me to log in to the device (it’s a small Linux-y thing) I could not get up-to-date firmware installed. Only a problem because it did not work with any of the family’s Nintendo devices.

I was happy to get the new device up and running in a matter of minutes and it works very well with the Nintendos and other machines. Good Tech!

My wife’s iPhone newish 3GS packed up yesterday. Bad Tech. Despite being plugged in overnight and during the day on difference chargers the battery would not hold more than 4%. Most of the day it wouldn’t even turn on. Luckily I managed to coax enough life into it to back it up and take it to the Apple Store who agreed it was kippered and replaced it with a new one. On the plus side, despite the hassle, restoring all the settings onto the new device worked smoothly.

Personally, I’m not a fancy phone person. Spend enough time in front of the computer/internet already. Provided I have something that people can talk to me with and send text messages, that’s all I need.