Secure “Mail”

Mail. I seem to have written a number of blogs about it. Here’s another. I was interested in the TED talk by Andy Yen and ProtonMail and the subsequent news story about how their servers were brought down by a DDoS attack.  It got me thinking…secure communications, using a third party? However secure the pieces might be, you’ve still got servers to store and forward your message. Well why not cut the middle-man out for added security? Why not the digital equivalent of hand delivery, without the post office? If you want to send a secure message from your machine to your friend, don’t try until you are both online then use peer-to-peer with public/private cryptography. This is probably not within the definition of “email” but it could be made to interface with users just like email. If you know your own machine is secure you don’t need to worry about third parties as the communication goes direct to your peer when they come online.

Of course, there are third party network providers and the packets go through their equipment but seems like a big improvement to me even though you’ve sacrificed the store  and forward functionality for better security.

Of course, if I looked, I’d no doubt find a bunch of products which did this but there’s nothing wrong with re-inventing the wheel, if it’s just an idea 🙂

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