IP Expo 2012

In addition to the keynote, I attended the Oracle talk on Big Data along with a history of Hadoop by Doug Cutting. A very interesting field not least because of all the open source projects involved. To be up-to-date refer to the spanner paper by Google.

Also attended a talk by SolarFlare and gnodal. All very interesting and relevant. Too many seminars to attend and too many stands to visit. One day certainly couldn’t do it justice, and neither could two.

In browsing around, I visited some companies I had not heard of:

TINTRI are a VM optimised storage vendor who make heavy use of SSDs to delivery IOPs. AT a high level they seem to be in the same space as XIO but I have yet to look in detail at their literature. I did find out their founder was Irish and Tintri is Irish (for hot-headed I think). There seemed to be a dozen more storage vendors there but no time to visit them.

I came across a thin client vendor I didn’t know called iGEL (German company I think). The chap started to explain their solution could make use of existing hardware and sweat assets so I assumed it was a type 1 client hypervisor like XenClient but we ended up talking at cross purposes. I think he was refering to their “soft” thin client. Anyway, they make a thin client and some management software but it was not immediately clear what their differentiator was from HP, Wyse, Sun / Oracle, or any other thin client vendor.

Finally I visited a company called Apposite, who make a WAN emulator. I think it could be pretty good but the demo was completely underwhelming and unclear. Personally I would question the need for a rack mount WAN emulator supporting 15 WAN links. For developers, one would be enough, or even better, teach your developers to program for WAN in the first place and use a real WAN for development.

Overall a lively and interesting day and definitely worth a visit.

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