Recently I’ve been very busy experimenting with vCloud Director in the office lab. It’s a complex beastie and many thanks to Duncan Epping for his excellent turorials. When I get more experience, I may blog on it but as I have a dozen things to do on my ever growing list, it seems unlikely. One quick note to self though: the strange error I got about a host already being controlled was due to agent confusion and I had to run and re-install to fix.

Now, on to the subject. Alastair Lumsden introduced this months UKOUG/LOSUG speakers Tom Kranz and Peter Tribble attended by the usual suspects in the audience. Tom talked about “Exploring Solaris Auto Registration” – that part of Solaris in Update 9 which sends all your machine details to Oracle over the internet, oh yes. Now in 99% of cases you don’t want it to do this so he explained how to disable it and some of the commands involved: stclient, stlisten, stdiscover. All worth reading up on for the professional Solaris Admin.

Peter Tribble’s talk was titled “Sar – past present and future” and, lets face it, “past” is the key word here. No-one was arguing with that point of view but Peter showed a good, simple idea to allow people to keep historical data and use it to assist in problem diagnosis and as a source of graphs for management. Keeping historical data was/is one of sar’s useful aspects. Peter simply keeps kstat -p output and stores it in compressed format for future use. The storage required is not that large and you can quite easily keep a couple of years worth. He has written some tools to scan the compessed logs and mimic the output of stat commands so you can see what “mpstat 10” would have produced at midnight on February 20th last year, if you want.

Perhaps we’ll get a talk on sar’s older brother, process accounting one month 🙂 No, please, just joking.

Next month Alastair is planning workshops, running from late afternoon which could be interesting and in January Jim Mauro is in the country promoting the new dtrace book and we can look forward to a talk from him!

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