WiFi Upload Speeds. When did they get so bad?

I noticed my Zoom calls on work Surface Pro were getting consistently bad. I did a Speedtest from my personal laptop and discovered that whilst the download speed was good at 60 Mbps, the upload was rubbish at 0.5 Mbps.

I’m no stranger to this problem but one of the advantages of BT Broadband over Virgin was/is that it had better upload speeds and I’m pretty certain I got 5-10 Mbps when the system was new (a few years ago now).

I took my booster disc out of the equation. Doesn’t seem to do anything anyway.

I did a test from the router itself and it reported 20 Mbps uplink bandwidth. Bit of a discrepancy there!

Next test was to eliminate WiFi. Lo and behold, a Speedtest from a wired connection straigh into the hub gives:

Upload Speedtest results on wired connection

Whereas on WiFi, same place same time:

Upload Speedtest results on WiFi


Now I need to go and find out if it’s a generic problem or if there’s anything I can do about it as a result of my setup.