Never use an Amazon Locker :-(

Update on 2nd May…Amazon have replied to my support request, which is good even if this blog had nothing to do with it. The have apologised, refunded and guaranteed it will never happen again – I’m not sure how they are going to do that – but I’m not going to choose a locker as a delivery mechanism for a long time.

A rather mundane post but I’m using it to get some anger out of my system.

I ordered Beta Humans and decided to try the Amazon locker near me as a delivery method. Free after all.

I received a message yesterday that the package was ready for collection and duly went to the locker with the app. The app connected to the locker and I hit collect item. Nothing happened. I pressed “help” and got the message “we’re sorry, the locker door seems to be broken”.

I came home and tried to contact Amazon. Impossible to do. There is no help available for faulty lockers. The chatbot has no options for this and just sends you round in circles about returning an item.

The call me back option just does nothing.

I emailed but no reply.

Fast forward today and I get a message to thank me for picking up the parcel. Clearly someone else has hacked/stolen the item.

Just now I convinced the robot to send me a refund but this is a piss-poor service from Amazon a) because the lockers are clearly not reliable and b) there is no way to get support and c) they are not secure.

I will not be buying anything from Amazon until this issue is resolved.