Internet of Thing

I joined the internet of things! Well, not me personally but I bought a data logger which uploads it’s data to easylogcloud.

It’s a humidity / temperate logger which I have installed next to the piano. Pianos don’t like humidity, or to be more precise, changes in humidity so I am keeping any eye on it to determine if I need a damppchaser.

Some Good News

Actually, the day after I wrote the last post, I managed to fix my old bricked phone. It certainly helps if you read the instructions properly. That’s what we call a picnic error (problem in chair, not in computer).

So, I can use the tool now but I haven’t yet enough courage to try newer firmware on my newer phone.

Also, I took the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam on Friday and passed (at least provisionally). They send you a confirmation in about a week and I guess it would be unusual and somewhat unfair if they changed a provisional pass in to a fail!

The exam itself is 50 multiple choice questions and if you don’t know the answer 100% then it’s relatively easy to eliminate obviously wrong answers and make a good stab at the remaining 2 by carefully reading the question. In fact, careful reading of the question if the most important thing you can do – as important as revising!

My main learning resource was Linux Academy. The lectures and labs were good and their practice exam excellent preparation.

…So it’s a week later and I forgot to post this. On the plus side I can confirm Google confirmed my exam result!