BT Infinity Upgrade!

It’s only fair to say that the upgrade to the latest BT Infinity 2 packages was pretty smooth. The service has been great since November 2017 when I switched from Virgin. Tempted by the recent advertising, I had a look to see what my options were. I was particularly interested in the wifi disc boosters as parts of the house don’t have a good signal (according to the people that lie in their beds there).

I was already on an unlimited fibre package and all the options just seemed to give the same raw upload and download speed but I thought the prospect of the latest hub and a wifi disc was worth paying a few pounds a month for. So having, placed the order, the hub and disc (only one) arrived next day.

Setting up the new hub was easier than I anticipated, just plugged it in and turned it on and it worked. The only changes I made were to the wifi name and password and the admin password. Keeping the wifi name and password the same means all the existing devices are unaware of the change. You can even send your old hub back, pre-paid (and I factory reset it first).

The disc was a bit tricker…it took several goes to pair it to the hub. Maybe I had a cable issue as it did not seem to work on one of my cables but eventually did using the cable that came with the hub. It took longer than I thought it would and much staring at what the various flashing colours mean. At one point I suspected I should have paired it before changing the admin password but you can’t change it back, at least not without a factory reset. The s/w complains if you try. That wasn’t the problem though, as it worked eventually.

In summary, it seems to have fixed the weak wifi signals and as a bonus you can even use the ethernet port on the disc to connect truculent machines like this Centos one which I never could get the wifi dongle to work on.