Swann v QNAP

I’ve bought some new home tech over the past few months so here is a summary of my experience.

First a top of the range Swann security system which includes 4 ultra HD cameras and a 2TB NVR plus some very long ethernet cables. Being cabled, the cameras are of course a pain to install and the size of the RJ45 plug means you normally end up drilling several large holes in your house. That can’t be avoided but what could be avoided is the very bad software that comes with the system. Basically I still haven’t been able to get it to work.

Second I bought a set of disks for an old QNAP SS 439-Pro chassis and configured them Raid 5 for 2TB of storage. This was simple to do as was copying the old QNAP to the new one. All in all the QNAP has great s/w.

So in summary, Qnap still on the “buy” list and Swann a “hold”, leaning to “sell”. Have I been working in corporate land too long?