You Can’t Change History

But, if anyone could change history, it would probably be Apple. They’re probably working on it right now. In fact they already have a Time Machine.

The reason I mention this is that in the latest update to iWork, I just noticed that it can now, finally, open documents from previous versions. Well I guess they did listen to feedback but it’s taken them years and it was still an amazingly stupid move in the first place to bring out an upgrade which couldn’t open previous versions of documents (see previous posts).

Ever since then I will gladly harp on about software, data and protocol short-sightedness, built in redundancy and the ability to open documents throughout one’s lifetime.

In fact, I would really like to open my dad’s documents which were written in Clarisworks.

A quick Google just now led me to which looks interesting and skimming it reveals that LibreOffice can do the job!

Well that is something I will have to try (with LibreOffice on my Centos 7 machine of course).