I haven’t had a blob of free time big enough to continue moving a VM from VMWare workstation into KVM on Centos 7 yet. It’s half done in that I managed to convert the disks [server crashed here and lost the rest of my post, thanks UK2] using qemu-convert, but not with the virt-v2v tools. I’m left with the problem of converting the machine definition from a vmx file into xml which can be consumed by KVM, which should be the easy bit but seems no easy way to do it with libvirt tools. The tools are geared to connecting to APIs.

I have had enough time to enable iTunes server on a QNAP and successfully copied my media there. The whole area of media servers and streaming has the potential to be complicated and a field of expertise in it’s own right. The QNAP calls itself an iTunes server, but this is a Firefly media server. Then it also has a DNLA media server which is a Twonky Server. And a music player which can be run through a browser. Getting confusing already. Is iTunes on an apple device a server, a client, a protocol or a fat application. Can iTunes metadata be separated from media and how can that be copied between servers?

I took the simple route, thanks, and just found where my mp3 files were located on the iMac and copied them to the QNAP. I can see and play them but selecting the QNAP as a source in iTunes is not the same experience as using the local computer.