OpenIndiana is the Default

Well, that was easy. My server now boots into OpenIndiana by default. The look and layout is very similar to Ubuntu. One slight gripe is that the OpenIndiana installer has clobbered the original grub, which gave me the choice of booting Ubuntu from another partition. Now I will have to go and reconfigure it to give me dual boot back.

I half expected that to happen since it is typical behaviour of any O/S installed to put it’s own boot loader down. It would be nice however if the installer warned it was going to to this.

It’s nice to be able to have a platform to play with ZFS etc. especially since I haven’t used Solaris (or even Unix) much recently. I have been very happily implementing private clouds, proofing AD RMS, streaming Windows applications with Numecent Jukebox and designing VDI solutions. First things first though…Grub documentation.

OpenIndiana Again

Having a relatively free evening, I am installing OpenIndiana on a partition of my lab Shuttle. The browser I am using to type this in is running from the install DVD. So far it has been a piece of cake and I have just noticed it has finished and is asking for a reboot. Back soon…