Coding club

I have dropped off my daughter at “Coding Club” which sounds like an excellent idea! Looking forward to finding out what they did. That reminded me to post a couple more Euler solutions. Not pretty, but they worked.

Euler8 Part 1

Euler 8 initialisation code












Euler 8 Part 2

Euler 8 Main Program













Euler 9 only took about 5 minutes to do, there are lots of possible optimisations!


Euler 9

Euler 9









Incidentally, the coding club started with html and the pupils made a web page (manually).

Also, further to my post below, the easiest way to move a VM from vSphere to VMware Workstation, is of course, copy the files. It is running very well.

Taking it all with you

I am impressed with the 1TB Freecom XXS drive I bought. I have used it to backup my QNAP prior to a firmware upgrade and I am now using it for a bunch of VMware workstation virtual machines.

Format of XXS

Maximum write speed of XXS

I am not impressed with the interoperability of VMware products. I exported a guest from vsphere into an ovf package but you can’t import this into VMware workstation! I’ve had this problem before and there are plenty fixes on the web. Still very annoying though.

OVF Error

Workstation import error

As it happens, I realise that I created this ovf by exporting a hardware version 8 machine which I strongly suspect will not load into VMware workstation 7. Have to wait for an upgrade.